What we offer

Whether you want one on one training, or want to join the group training, or maybe you want to enhance training
that you deliver, look no further. Its tough at most times, but also aimed to fill it with fun too. It is always EFFECTIVE and improving. I dont want people to just keep fit, but GET FITTER, faster, stronger, leaner, thinner etc. Hence why it is always so varied and yet we do have favourite routines to repeat and challenge you too such as 'The conveyor belt, various playing card routines, Fight night, the killer 'T-1000' routine, Tabata sessions galore and new mixups of routines too. You'll never get bored and always be challenged.

PTi In Action

Snapshots of our training...



Nights out and socials...

Members will be encouraged to help design and event plan more of these too. We have done fancy dress, and look forward to doing lots more nights out too. Quizes, competitions and fun stuff is abig part of the club too. Its not all slogging it out. Work hard, play hard. We have alreaady ran a very successful challenging weekend team building camp (as in we camped out in tents and trained in a scenic location, Flamborough!! All this background location research, and event ideas and organising is done by us the instructors in our free time and all your subs goes towards paying for the time and costs which is such mega value.

Group Outdoor & Indoors Training

Having 30+ years of fitness experience and the enjoyment of training myself, and more and more the training of others, I started our local fitness club much like any amateur football or rugby club, but with no sport needed.. just fitness training and team-working.

Charity Events

Very proud to be able to train people to not only better themsleves, but to the benefit of others too. We have had people take part in various charity events and we also organise some too, for others to come and have a go. Facebook page www.facebook.com/PTI.HULL has the list of these and lots of info is updated regularly on it.

Extra Personal Training

Being 'Train The Trainer' qualified, I can offer new ideas to help improve your coaching and help you design specific training formats to enhance your sessions, the break away from the same old stale ways of doing things.

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