I asked a few members to write me anything they wanted to add to this page. I feel privileged to re-post such nice things
without alteration so that you may get a feel of what I aim to do with people I get to work with.

"I feel better within myself"

"Before attending PTI I did no exercise what so ever and have failed on many attempts to stick at any gym. I heard about PTI through face book and joined on a tabbing night which I loved but found difficult. I've now been attending PTI for nearly 5wks and go at least twice a week. I feel better within myself and look forward to going as I get lots of support from the trainers and also other members…"

"I'm definatley fitter"

"I started training with PTI. as i was fed up of being fat and forty!.. i went because it looked and sounded like great fun and definitely something that I would love to be a part of....however, deep down I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it and just to confirm it to myself I went!! I was ready to be last at everything and go home thinking never again!!!.. As a TEAM we got through my first session and I was Made to feel that this is something I COULD DO, WILL DO, AND actually I'm quite good at! Rolling around in the mud meeting like minded people and having a laugh/whinge is an experience i have never had before and something i look forward to doing every week!... Im definitely fitter feel miles better and all for 2 quid a time!! cheers Billy im the fit person i always dreamed id be!! X"

"Absolutely love it"

"I did a fitness DVD once or twice a week but wanted to push myself a bit further and lose weight for my best friend’s wedding. Absolutely love it and would do 5 nights a week if possible but at the minute can only commit to two"

"classes are led by very passionate & knowledgeable instructors"

"PTI.HULL is a great way to get fit & keep active. All abilities are catered for without feeling self conscious like you may in a gym environment. The classes are led by very passionate & knowledgeable instructors who wants & are capable of achieving the very best in you. The £2 subs/ pay as you train are a good price which is affordable and doesn't leave you with the sense of been ripped of/out pocket like a contract would when you are unable to make classes. Training with a great bunch of people & instructors leaves you feeling good about yourself & encourages you to get off the sofa, even on the cold dark nights. Until starting at PTI I did very little exercise, in the past I'd signed up to pretty much every gym in Hull, I found it difficult to find the motivation or enjoyed going. Now I can't wait for the next session & the only thing that stops me going is other commitments (work & family) but the £2 subs means I only pay when I can make it & doesn't leave me out of pocket."

"its very welcoming and inclusive"

"I had always found it difficult go to the gym on a regular basis because I found them not very inclusive or welcoming. I found that 90% of the people didn't appear to need to do more exercise at all. I also thought they were expensive and if you didn't get there for a while you was throwing money down the drain because you had already paid via direct debit. PTI is the complete opposite. You only pay when you train, its very welcoming and inclusive and totally unique."

"Fitness is improving and feel motivated in a friendly environment"

"Started the class after a friend told me about it. Been a gym member all my life really and go through phases of going and not. Even when I go I don't push myself or feel much benefit. Over the last month I've loved the class and try to go twice a week. I am gaining muscles. Fitness is improving and feel motivated in a friendly environment. Best thing I've done."

"enjoy the atmosphere and the encouragement from the instructors"

"Did not used to do any exercise now doing 2 days a week at PTI enjoy the atmosphere and the encouragement from the instructors."

"its been great for my self confidence"

"Prior to PTI I was doing no fitness at all and this was recommended to me by a friend who also is doing this, I'm loving it and in the last 4 weeks I am starting to feel and see a difference I've lost 12lb and my eating habits have changed, also this as encouraged me to stop smoking, its been great for my self confidence as my self esteem was very low,, I've still got away to go but I know I will reach my goals with the help from Billy and Sarah. "

"plenty of fresh air and the team atmosphere is fab"

"I really enjoy the variety of the training sessions with PTI, no repetitive gym-like routines, plenty of fresh air and the team atmosphere is fab and helps you to push yourself that bit further. The weekend activities are a massive plus too. Being a more mature woman I don't feel left out or out of place, Billy and Sarah are both very welcoming and know what they are talking about!! Sue."

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