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    Its tough at most times, but also aimed to fill it with fun too. It is always EFFECTIVE and improving. I dont want people to just keep fit, but GET FITTER, faster, stronger, leaner, thinner etc. Hence why it is always so varied and yet we do have favourite routines to repeat and challenge you too such as 'The conveyor belt, various playing card routines, Fight night, the killer 'T-1000' routine, Tabata sessions galore and new mixups of routines too. You'll never get bored and always be challenged.

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    Training outside with a military instructor means no nonsense, and very effective get fit quick. Commit to coming and leave the rest to the instructor. Share the fun/effort/mud. etc with like minded people.

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    Regular fat burning marching classes

    A popular feature is loaded marching, or 'Tabbing' as its called in the military. carrying weight and marching at approx 4.1mph will burn fat effectively and is very do-able by any level of fitness. approximately burning 600+ calories in a 1 hour march.

Meet Billy

Fully Qualified Trainer

Steve Billy Hughes

PTi Hull Trainer

Experience and qualified fitness trainer which includes...
Army PTI: Having completed the basic course 2004, the intermediate course 2008. ..and one of the first 13 people who completed the first ever ran 'ADVANCED PTI COURSE' (October 2012)
I Also hold an Honours degree (Bsc (Hons) in Sports Science with coaching and performance.
Train the trainer' coaching qualified with a Btec level 4 qualification
I really am passionate about all things fitness and would do this for free if I were to win the lottery. Come and have a go in a class, or feel free to ask a question.
I am passionate about the role I do and this was the motivation I had to continue education and have learned the role thoroughly.
This isn't about generating profit, I genuinely love the opportunity to teach/coach and have an outlet for it. Currently seeking funding tokeep it FREE in 2018.
Absolutely loved the first years and all the 'stuff we have done' and looking forward to sharing this with those that want to have a go.
You will always be encouraged and coached by your instructor and meet the best people ever...

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